Kalashnikov Receivers

We initially intended to market a high quality receiver for most AK builds. But due to the extensive array of parts kits available from all different countries. And each one having their own unique differences we decided to offer a custom fitted receiver. We opted to do this because we didnít want our name on a weapon that was anything less than perfection. AKís are very forgiving in their nature so the universal receivers which you see most commonly will work, but they are not perfect. If you are a perfectionist, then this is the only way to do it.

We do not require your entire kit, but only the front and rear trunions and the bolt carrier assy.

Here is an explanation of the difference between our custom receiver and any other that you find on the market.

Some of the problems with using a ready built receiver are:

  1. Most of the available receivers are not within spec from the beginning.

  2. Your front trunion will not line up perfectly with the receiver rails due to the slightly different tolerances of parts from various countries. (Weíve also seen a few receivers on the market in which the rails were just wrong.)

  3. The holes are not aligned perfectly due to the receiver being bent after the holes are drilled.

  4. The pin holes are sloppy due to them being drilled not reamed.

  5. The pin holes are sloppy due to elongation after the bending process.

  6. The trunion rivet holes do not line up perfectly. Also due to country variations and poor quality receivers.

  7. Improper or No heat treating.

  8. Upper rails are saw cut, grinded, or cut on a break. Not precision milled to fit your bolt carrier.

  9. Poor Quality Rivets, This usually is not a problem with the robust design of the AK but most of the rivets on the market are made of soft steel and the heads are larger than original. Some we've seen are not even the correct size and/or they have flat heads. All original AK's had round headed rivets.

All this adds up to a rifle that is far poorer in quality and performance than it should be.

Hereís what we do:

  1. We build our receivers from perfectly designed stampings which are all true to original European specs. Complete with magazine indents and pin hole reinforcements.

  2. We ream (not drill) and align all pin holes to their final size and locations only after the bending process is complete.

  3. The lower rails are spot welded and aligned after the front trunion has been installed into a fully bent receiver. This is the only way to insure that they will line up perfectly.

  4. All rivet holes are aligned and drilled to fit your trunions.

  5. Proper heat treating is applied

  6. Upper rails are milled to the min. spec of your bolt carrier. This insures that your completed rifle will be more accurate and the action will cycle as smooth as possible.

  7. The rear trunion is fitted and receiver is machined for any butt stock configuration.

  8. Required receiver markings are small and placed in a non-conspicuous location on the bottom in front of the magazine well, so that the overall look of the rife is clean and more true to itís origin.

  9. We also provide Latin-(English) or Cyrillic-(Russian) selector stop markings. These are hard stamped like the original AKís, not engraved. This also adds to the overall authentic look. (We can also engrave the markings upon request).

  10. We use only high quality hard steel rivets which are of correct dimension to the original design.

All this adds up to a weapon that will outlook, outperform, outlast and outshoot most any other comparable weapon. This is a weapon that I and most other people would be proud to own.

So if youíre set on building your own AK but donít want to settle for something inferior.

Then we have the answer for you!


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