C & G Motion Picture Weaponry is a division of Spots & Props Unlimited LLC. Spots & Props Unlimited was created in 1986 for the purpose of supplying rental equipment to the Motion Picture and commercial industry in New Mexico. In the mid 1990ís we narrowed our focus to Motion Picture Props and Set Dressing, which we continue to focus on today. We now support one of the oldest and largest prop houses in Albuquerque.

C & G Motion Picture Weaponry was started in 2008 at the request of local Prop Masters and Motion Picture Armorers, in order to promote weapons safety and weapons training for on-camera gunfire. We now have over 350 rental weapons converted to fire Motion Picture Blanks in Full, 1/2, or 1/4 load. We also have a large selection of Blanks for sale in almost all calibers and loads.

Spots & Props Unlimited LLC, hold both a Type 7 and a Class 2 Federal Firearms License, which allows us to manufacture and rent NFA Class 3 weapons. We also Have a Licensed Gunsmith with a Class 2 FFL.

We can perform a weapons breakdown of your script, and provide a detailed budget of the weapon rentals, ammunitions requirements, and any additional labor needed, for your production.

Our main goal is to provide the highest level of safety and best weapons training possible for the actors and crews of the Motion Pictures we work on.

Whether you rent one pistol or enough for a gang war, we are here to service the Motion Picture Industry with the safest and best weapons we can.

Give us a call and find out for yourself.

We think you will agree!

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Email: info@nmmovieguns.com